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As KOI Thé grew its business the need for a better integration of branch POS and company-wide bookkeeping became a necessity. Acclime was delighted to assist.
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As KOI Thé Cambodia grew its business, the need for better integration of the POS machines across the many branches and company-wide bookkeeping became a necessity, and Acclime Cambodia was ready to assist.

The challenge

All the KOI Thé outlets in Cambodia had deployed a POS system that did not integrate with the bookkeeping software used for accounting purposes. Without an integration, each POS transaction required manual entry into QuickBooks, which was painfully slow and arduous. KOI Thé approached Acclime to consult on a solution for integrating the POS transactions with reliable local accounting software to be automatically recorded in the accounts.

Our solution

Acclime made this complex process easy. We provided KOI Thé with a Localised Tech Solution to seamlessly integrate the POS transactions with its accounting software “LOCALIZE”. Each transaction automatically gets added to the accounting records. We were even able to provide a solution for migrating all the old data into the new system.

Acclime offers service above and beyond simple accounting and tax outsourcing, and you can trust the Acclime team to deliver.

The result

Acclime Cambodia helped KOI Thé realize a system that reduced an accounting task taking days to complete to an automated process completed in minutes. The integration was such a great success for KOI Thé that they contracted Acclime to integrate further their warehouse and delivery application with the Localised Tech Solution. This work is ongoing and is due to be completed shortly.

About KOI Thé

KOI Thé is a sensational global brand specializing in bubble teas. The focus on combining high-quality teas with the friendliest of services has led to rapid growth in Cambodia since the start, with 30 branches operating across the country.

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Hugh Darwell, Business development manager