Company secretary services in Cambodia.

We can assist you with managing company’s on-going compliance obligations. Through our dedicated company secretary service, we will confidently handle all of your time-consuming administrative tasks, from timely reports filing to tracking critical deadlines and more.

Company secretary services in Cambodia

Run your business without distractions with a dedicated compliance service.

Guidance at every step

Use our extensive market experience to protect your business interests. Although a company secretary is not required by law in Cambodia, it is advisable to have one appointed to your company to look after the administrative and filing requirements of Cambodian law.

Deadline reminders

We are proactively monitoring your compliance requirements throughout the year and notify you in time. You will never have to worry about missed or late filings and overdue fees.

Company secretarial services

Providing and acting as your company secretary.

Provision of a named company secretary.

  • This includes all mandatory annual and quarterly procedures. As your named company secretary, we will:

    • Safekeep your company’s books and records
    • Maintain annual filing of statutory forms and ensure all fees are submitted correctly and on time
    • Arrange the quarterly Directors meetings required by law in Cambodia including preparation of the meeting minutes and resolutions passed by the Directors
    • Arrange the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the company, including sending out required notices to all shareholders
    • Prepare minutes and resolutions passed at the Annual General Meeting of the company
    • File the Annual Declaration of Commercial Enterprise

    We can also attend to any ad hoc Company Secretarial requirements of the company.

Single quarterly fee
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