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Payroll outsourcing service in Cambodia.

Get comprehensive payroll outsourcing services for your Cambodian business. Our experienced and skilled staff can help you streamline your payroll processes, stay compliant and free up your team from these time-consuming tasks.

Company secretary services in Cambodia

Leave your payroll to our in-country experts.

Integrated tax compliance

Besides calculating and processing payroll, we can also confidently file compliance reports on your behalf and advise on the tax on salary requirements as well as the monthly Social security deductions required.

Robust reporting

Detailed reporting enabling you to stay on top of your HR management and expenses.

Complete payroll services

Flexible & scalable payroll solutions.

  • Payroll

    Initial payroll setup

    We will import your employee data and set up the payroll system to your specific needs, regardless of what compensation and benefits policy your company has. Our set up services also include registering the company with the National Social Security Fund (NSSF).


    Monthly payroll services

    Each month, we will alert you to confirm essential employee details, such as salary, provision of fringe benefits, leave taken and more. We will then handle all your payroll calculations, statutory contributions, filings, salary payments and other paperwork for you. You only need to review and approve. Detailed reports, including payslips and other documents, will be available to you online.


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Hugh Darwell, Business development manager