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Tax compliance services in Cambodia.

Keep your taxes in check with our reliable tax compliance services. We are well versed in dealing with the General Department of Taxation (GDT) and will fulfil your tax filing obligations on time, accurately report your assessable income and help minimise your tax liabilities.

Tax compliance services in Cambodia

Stay on top of your tax compliance.

On-time filings & returns

We make sure to prepare, calculate and file your returns accurately and on-time, helping you always stay compliant and avoid penalties or late fees.

Always up-to-date

Our tax team constantly stays up to date with changes in tax regulations, so you do not have to – both locally in Cambodia and even on the regional level for companies operating across Asia.

Strategic tax advisory

Besides meeting your statutory tax obligations, we can offer strategic tax advice on optimising your tax spending, decreasing the risk of double taxation, tax incentive systems and more.

Corporate & personal annual tax compliance

Our tax compliance services.

Corporate tax compliance.

  • Monthly tax returns

    The Cambodian law requires a monthly VAT return, a monthly prepayment of income tax, monthly remittances of withholding tax and a monthly Tax on Salary return if the company has any employees. We can prepare the required paperwork for these returns and advise the amount payable to the GDT. The monthly tax filing services include:

    • Prepayment of Tax on Income (PToI) 1
    • Salary and Fringe Benefit Tax(SFBT)
    • Withholding tax (WHT)
    • Value added tax (VAT)


  • Corporate income tax return

    At the end of the financial year, we will complete your annual income tax return and advise of any payment of Tax on Income. The payment takes into account any prepayments of income tax that your company has made during the year. We will liaise with the GDT to address any questions that they have on the submitted tax return.


  • Tax review

    We will visit your office to review the supporting documents and interview your company’s personnel to obtain more information about your previous tax returns. We will then examine the obtained documents in our office. The outcome of the investigation will be a written summary of our findings and a list of potential tax exposures for any under-declared tax and a report of advice on tax issues findings and recommendation on action that may be required to take to resolve the tax issues arising.


  • Tax audit assistance

    Our tax team will review the information and documents provided by your company, and identify and discuss with you in advance any potential tax issues that may arise, before providing those documents to the tax auditor, and suggest appropriate contingency measures to mitigate the risk of potential tax re-assessment.


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