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Tax advisory & planning in Cambodia.

If you are seeking to maximise your taxes or expand your business aboard, we can help you with that by providing a substantial tax planning strategy.

Tax advisory & planning in Cambodia

Reduce your taxes & boost business profitability.

Your tax system optimised

We can help reduce your tax liabilities in Cambodia by optimising your current tax structure. That includes tax health check, identifying and mitigating tax inefficiencies and leaks, eliminating the risk of double taxation and more.

Strategic tax planning

For those making significant transactions into Cambodia or dealing with business expansion to other emerging markets in Asia, our team can provide the necessary tax guidance for performing them tax-efficiently.

Corporate & personal tax advisory

Our tax advisory services.

Corporate tax.

  • Tax on income advisory services

    Our tax advisors can examine transactions that your company is proposing and advise on the optimal way of executing it from the Cambodian tax perspective. This includes advising you on restructuring your business models to strengthen the validity of the claim, making use of specific tax rules to lodge deduction claims and providing ways to minimise tax liabilities according to the tax law legally.

    With Cambodia’s growing network of double tax treaties, our tax experts can help you maximise the benefits of those treaties, including obtaining Certificates of Residence from the GDT to support treaty claims for lower withholding tax on remittances to Cambodia.

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