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Immigration services
in Cambodia.

Our team of experts handle all steps of the application from the very beginning until you and your family members can officially relocate and legally reside in Cambodia. We also provide a seamless renewal service.

Business services in Singapore

Our immigration services.


Work permit

Foreign investors who wish to work in Cambodia or Cambodian companies wanting to hire foreign staff may engage with Acclime’s professional immigration team to assist you in the process of obtaining a work permit. Learn the process and requirements for obtaining a Cambodian work permit.


Dependent visa

Dependent visas for accompanying family members are also required, which we can also help you to obtain.

How Acclime can help.

Our business services bring ease and clarity to doing business in Cambodia.

Pre-application advice

Advice on acquiring a relevant visa in Cambodia and requirements for a successful application.

Application tracking

Filing and tracking the status of applications.

Document issuance

Arranging for issuance of your relevant visa upon in-principle approval.

Visa renewals

Handling renewal of yours and your family’s visas before they expire.