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Tax services in Cambodia.

From taking care of filing monthly returns to the annual income tax return and transfer pricing obligations, our team will confidently manage your company’s taxes. We can also help with reducing your tax liabilities and enhancing your business profitability.

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Our tax services.


Tax compliance

We are well versed in dealing with the General Department of Taxation and will fulfil your tax filing obligations on time, accurately report your assessable income and help minimise your tax burden.


Tax advisory & planning

If you are looking to optimise your taxes in Cambodia or are planning to expand your business to other Asian countries, you will need a solid tax planning strategy. Our tax advisors are here to help.


Tax review and audit

Tax audits in Cambodia are becoming increasingly common.  When the tax man comes knocking, call Acclime to advise you as to how to navigate the audit process from the initial information gathering, handling the questions that arise during the audit and then negotiating and finalising an acceptable settlement.

Alternatively, stay one step ahead of the audit process – engage Acclime to conduct a tax review of your business to identify any potential tax issues in the company’s business and developing a strategy to address and overcome those issues.

How Acclime can help.

Optimised tax structure

We can help reduce your tax liabilities in Cambodia by optimising your current tax structure. It includes tax health check, identifying and mitigating tax inefficiencies and leaks, eliminating the risk of double taxation and more.

Hassle-free tax compliance

We make sure to prepare, calculate and file your returns accurately and on-time, helping you always stay compliant and avoid penalties or late fees.

Simplified regional tax

If you are doing business in other Asian countries, we can help simplify your operations by taking over your tax compliance across the region and consolidating it into one package.

Strategic advisory & planning

Besides meeting your statutory tax obligations, we can offer strategic tax advice on optimising your tax spendings, tax incentive systems and more.