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Cambodia Compliance Calendar 2023.

Never miss an important deadline with our detailed compliance calendar.

Our compliance calendar can help you:

  • Get a clear picture of all the accounting, tax and HR deadlines
  • Avoid penalties and late fees
  • Keep your accountants or accounting firm accountable

Whether you already operate an existing company in Cambodia or are about to get started, being on top of your compliance requirements is a must for any profitable business. 

With no lack of bureaucracy in Cambodia, it may be overwhelming to keep track of all the essential monthly and annual deadlines. There’s where our Cambodia Compliance Calendar comes in.

The calendar brings clarity to your business’s compliance by providing a complete overview of all the compliance deadlines. This way, you can avoid missing a deadline again and stay away from paying penalties and late fees.

What’s in the calendar.

All monthly & annual* accounting, tax & HR compliance deadlines in the following formats:

  • PDF file

*For companies with financial year ending on December 31

Ready to keep your business in Cambodia compliant?

Download your own Cambodia Compliance Calendar.