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T-shop needed an accounting services provider in Cambodia to help create the systems for efficient accounting and compliance.
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T-shop was growing its business in Cambodia successfully, but needed an accounting services provider to help create the systems for efficient accounting and compliance.

The challenge

As the business grew across ever increasing branches and with a franchising model taking off, T-shop needed a corporate services partner to propose and provide workflows and tools to provide for efficient management of the accounting processes in their daily operations.

T-shop had a POS system at work, but this lacked integration for producing accurate accounting records and analyses. T-shop were concerned that unless the systems were improved, there could be difficulties in becoming fully compliant in reporting and filing with the authorities.

Our solution

Acclime were delighted to take on the task of creating an efficient and integrated accounting system. Following detailed consultation on T-shop’s front- and back-office operations, we were able to propose a Localised Accounting System that would establish efficient workflows and enable the branches to report accurately on time.

Acclime was further able to provide its accounting services team to support the back-office staff in reporting for compliance and analysing for results.

The Acclime team are truly experts in accounting systems and processes. They have made the implementation of these much-needed improvements very easy for us. We continue to trust Acclime as our corporate services provider, and can thoroughly recommend them

The result

T-shop continues to grow across Cambodia with confidence in the accounting systems in place to ensure efficient and compliant management. Acclime continues to provide the necessary accounting support, which now includes tax management, corporate tax (CIT) returns and tax advisory services.

About T-Shop

T-Shop is a homegrown electronics and gadget retail chain that started as a family business that soon bloomed to be one of the biggest names in Cambodia. It has 14 branches all over Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, and it is one of the most trusted retailers and distributors of high quality gadgets for smart phones, communication devices and electronic accessories which are sourced from all over the world.

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Hugh Darwell, Business development manager